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Technology Description

While multi-protein expression remains a formidable task and generating sufficiently soluble protein complexes at times requires some tweaking, such challenges now become easier with MultiColi™ a versatile and convenient Acceptor-Donor vector system for manual or automated recombineering of genes destined for expression in E. coli. The MultiColi™ technology is the first fully automatable system for protein complex production in E.coli. Originally developed as part of EMBL’s ACEMBL pipeline, which is a centerpiece of the European Commission Framework Programme 7 project ComplexINC, MultiColi™ sets new standards for multi-protein expression in this versatile laboratory host organism.

MultiColi™ transfer vectors are fully synthetic, comprising only functional DNA, and as a result are small and easy to handle.

Schematic Diagram of MultiColi Heterologous Protein Expression System

How MultiColi™ Works:

  • Left) Design and clone your gene(s) of interest (GOIs) into MultiColi™ acceptor and donor vectors
  • Center) Match and mix your GOIs and then (re)combine them into one construct via Cre-Lox recombination, and select your construct using unique combination of antibiotic markers
  • Right) Transform E. coli cells with composite GOI vector. Expression follows via induction.
    Resulting multiprotein expression product can be used for biochemical analysis, structural biology, drug discovery etc.

References and Downloads:

Click here to download Bieniossek et al 2009. Nature Methods.

Click here to download Nie et al 2009. Nature Protocols.

Click here to download MultiColi™ User Manual v5.1

Click here for DNA vector sequences

Click here to download Cre-ACEMBLER User Manual 3.0

Click here to download Cre-ACEMBLER Short Description

Click here to download Cre-ACEMBLER for Windows

Click here to download Cre-ACEMBLER for Linux


MultiColi™ Kit + Competent Cells 1,490.00€ ENQUIRY

Chemically Competent Cells

PirHC (12 x 100µl) 960.00€ ENQUIRY
ig™ 10B (12 X 100µl) 760.00€ ENQUIRY


pACE1 (5µg) 279.00€ ENQUIRY
pACE2 (5µg) 279.00€ ENQUIRY
pDC (5µg) 279.00€ ENQUIRY
pDK (5µg) 279.00€ ENQUIRY
pDS (5µg) 279.00€ ENQUIRY


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